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Hi Everyone,


What a wonderful week!  Sun, sun, sun all the way and it looks set to be like that for a good while to come too.


It's been perfect weather for me working outside on the deck putting together presentations for my up-coming engagements; in fact it has been so nice outside working that I completely forgot myself and then realised that I had produced presentations with over ONE HUNDRED slides, hmm.... perhaps a little too much, so I did some editing and bought them in to around the 70 mark; I do want to make sure that people get their money's worth!


I've been researching family names for clients as well, seeing if they share a name with one or two of the prisoners who have been in the Tower of London; I was surprised with the results, as once I've found the names I then research the reason why etc which is a great way of looking at history, so many plots and plans, so many reasons for being imprisoned from High Treason to being impolite! Wow if the last one was still a valid reason for imprisoning then our prisons really would be overflowing!   Don't forget you can contact me either through my website or my e-mail ( with the surname/last name that you wish me to research, you can give me as many names as you wish, it doesn't just have to be one.  Why not give me a shout this weekend, you never know what you may find!


Have a great weekend everyone.


Until next time, take care



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