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So what's it about? 

Imagine your husband coming home from work one day and telling you that he is going to give you a Royal Palace to live in—well that’s exactly what my husband did back in February 2005. My name is Heather Miller and my family and I were honoured and lucky enough to be able to call Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, The Tower of London, home for two years(YES!People do live there!) 

In February 2012 I was chatting with friends and it was suggested that I write a book about my family and our life in the Tower of London. I gave this some thought and decided that it was a good idea and so started to write down our memoires of life at the Tower of London; in the meantime I was asked if I would give a presentation to a local club about our life at the Tower and so my presentations started. 

I give FUN,INFORMATIVE, INTERACTIVE, NEVER FORGOTTEN and GUARANTEED UNIQUE presentations on my and my family’s life whilst living and working in The Tower of London. I chat about the history of the Tower, and of the Yeoman of the Guard, Queens Body Guard, Gentlemen Extraordinaire -Beefeaters! I converse on how we came to be there, what it was like to live day to day in such a majestic and historic place, how we coped with thousands of visitors on our door step everyday of the year, what it is like being a member of the Royal Household, the interesting people we met including celebrities from film, television and music, how we dealt with ‘things that go bump in the night. Along with my power point presentation I also bring with me some very unique personal pieces from the Tower, for a real 'show and tell'.

I am also able to research your family name (last name) to see if you share a family name with a prisoner in the Tower. Any information I find I will pass onto you, i.e., who and why the prisoner was there as well as the consequence (execution/torture/release) and any other information I find related to that prisoner. However, I cannot guarantee that any prisoner I find who shares a name with you will be one of your relatives, but you never know. If you would like me to research a name for you please go to the tab on the left-hand side marked 'Name that Prisoner' and fill in the form.

Presentation usually last around 60-90 minutes depending on the audience (some have lasted over two hours!) As well as chatting about our life at the Tower I also give presentations on the following subjects:

The History of the Tower of London

Prisoners held in the Tower

Torture performed in the Tower

Executions in the Tower

'Ghosts' of the Tower

All of which come from the official record books which are held within the Tower

I also have a presentation on the Whitechapel Murders of 1888 which has new suspects never before mentioned in the case files and books. The research is my own and it has taken years to compile (I am in the process of publishing a book on this subject); it will definitely make you rethink your opinions as to who the "Ripper" was.

Presentations can be tailored for any age group and audience; my fees are $75 per presentation. Locations covered are within a 75Km radius from Stony Plain, however, further locations can be covered at an addition fee, for these please contact me for details

If you are looking for something a little different at a presentation I can also provide my own version of 'Who done it', entitled 'Murder at the Tower' which is a fun game to play and engages the whole audience.

My fees are waived for schools, youth groups and charity events.

Whether you have a breakfast meeting, afternoon tea or evening dinner, whether it’s for social club, corporate event, school project or just for fun this is the presentation that will give you the impact your want!

I am available any day or evening with the exception of 24th - 27th (inclusive) December and 31st Dec and 2nd January (inclusive)

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