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Name that Prisoner

Have you ever wondered if a distant member of your family was once a 'guest' at the Tower of London? I am able to look up prisoner names from 1087 through to 1941, the date they were admitted, the date they were released/executed and the reason for their stay. 

If you would like to find out if a relative of yours may have stayed at the Tower please fill in the form below and in the comments section include the surname you would like me to find for you; for example, your current surname or your grandparents surname etc. Once I receive your submission I shall locate the information on the name supplied for investigation and email you back the findings.    

I looked up some of my family names and found some interesting people. You will see them listed below.

Thomas Miller

In 1538,Thomas Miller was accused of betraying the King's plans to the Pilgrims and 'bending the knee' to Robert Aske. Thomas was executed in York on 2nd August 1538 and his head displayed next to that of Robert Aske.

Thomas Fletcher

Thomas was imprisoned on 22 June 1662 for bringing treasonable letters to the Tower, he was released on good behaviour on 4th October 1667.

Father Paterson

Father Paterson was bought to London and imprisoned in the Tower of London by George Home, 1st Earl of Dunbar (Picture left). The Father was held on unnamed charges in August 1608 although it is speculated that the Father was one of the ministers who defied the union of the Church of Scotland and the Church of England.

I cannot guarantee that the names I find are indeed related to you but you never know!

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