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On This Day in April

A selection of events either directly or indirectly connected with the Tower which have happened during the month of April

Act of Union

This week in (April 29 - May 6) 1707 English/Scottish parliament accept Act of Union to form Great Britain

Simon Fraser Lord Lovatt - executed

This week (April 8-15) in 1747 Simon Fraser, Lord Lovatt became the last person to be beheaded on Tower Hill when he was executed for treason. Just before he was beheaded, the seats which the spectators were using collapsed, crushing many who had gathered to watch the Lord lose his head.

King Edward IV - monarch

This week (April 15 - 22) in 1471 King Edward IV conquers London from King Henry VI

King Charles II - monarch

This week (April 21 - 28) in 1661. King Charles II crowned in London also this week in 1661 English Convention Parliament meets & votes to restore Charles II

Richard Roose

5th April 1531 - Richard Roose, a cook,was boiled to death for trying to poison Bishop John Fisher. Bishop Fisher would become a prisoner at the Tower of London a few years later and executed for his support of Queen Catherine of Aragon against the divorce from King Henry VIII.

King James I

5th April 1603 - King James I departs Edinburgh for London to be presented with the English Crown following the death of Queen Elizabeth I.

Arthur, Prince of Wales

2nd April 1502 – Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and first husband of Catherine of Aragon, dies.

King Henry IV

3rd April 1367 - Henry IV is born.

King Richard I

6th April 1199 – King Richard I, The lionheart, dies.

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