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On This Day in September

A selection of events either directly or indirectly connected with the Tower which have happened during the month of September

William of Normandy

1066 28th September William of Normandy lands at Pevensey on the south coast of England at the start of his invasion.

Sir Francis Drake

26th Sept 1580 Sailing into Plymouth, Francis Drake completes the first circumnavigation of the globe by an Englishman. The ship he sailed into Plymouth on was called the Golden Hind, which he had renamed from the Pelican, whilst on his journey. A full scale replica of the Golden Hind can been seen on the South Bank of the Thames, just along from Southwark Cathedral in London. This replica was built by F Hinks and Sons Shipbuilders in Appledore Devon in the early 1970’s.

Richard the Lionheart

3rd Sept 1189 - King Richard I (the Lion-Hearted) crowned in Westminster

The Great Fire of London

2nd Sept 1666 The Great Fire of London begins in a bakery on Pudding Lane and will destroy much of the city.

The Great Fire of London

6th Sept 1666 The Great Fire of London is finally extinguished after much of the city and St Paul's Cathedral are lost. However, it is not all bad news, as the Great Fire helped put an end to a terrible Plague which had started in London the year before, and the burning of the building had helped to stop the spread of the plague even further. After the fire it was deemed that no building would be able to be built within the city limits with a thatch roof. The only exception to this rule was the Globe Theatre.

Oliver Cromwell

3rd Sept 1658 - Oliver Cromwell, British general (1653-58)/Lord Protector, dies at 59

Richard Cromwell

3rd Sept 1658 - Richard Cromwell succeeds his father as Lord Protector

Queen Catherine Parr

5th Sept 1548 - Catharine Parr, queen of England/wife of Henry VIII, who was Henrys wife when he died, dies at age 36

King James II

6th Sept 1701 - King James II, the king that was overthrown by his daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange, dies at 68,

King Richard I, The Lion Heart

8th September 1157 King Richard I, The Lion Heart, is born

King Charles II

6th September 1651 Charles II spends the day hiding in an oak tree following defeat by Oliver Cromwell at Worcester.

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

September 4th1588 Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, one time favourite of Queen Elizabeth I dies at the age of 87.

James II

September 6th 1701- James II (1685-88), dies in exile at the age of 67

George III

September 8th 1761 George III marries Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Queen Charlotte).

Annie Chapman

September 8th 1888 the body of Annie Chapman, another of the Whitechapel Murder victims is found in a backyard in Hanbury Street, Whitechapel London.

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