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Prisoners at the Tower of London in June

A selection of prisoners who were held in the Tower of London during the month of June

Sir Simon Fraser -prisoner

1306 Sir Simon Fraser was one of the leaders of the Scot's Cause, boasting that he would never be subdued or captured, however his was captured on 19th June 1306 and taken to the Tower. He was then dragged through the streets of London, 'hanged high as a robber' then 'beheaded as a murderer' left to hand off a gibbet for 20 days then his body was finally burnt on 7th September 1306. His head was displayed next to William Wallace's on London Bridge.

Anne Askew- prisoner

June 1546 Anne Askew was arrested and taken to the Tower for 'questioning' on charges of Heresy. 16th July 1546 due to the injuries she suffered during her ' questioning' she was carried to Smithfield and burned at the stake.

Richard Duke of York

On 16th June 1483 Richard Duke of York was taken from sanctuary, to the Tower to be company for his brother Edward V.

Thomas Garnett

1605 Thomas Garnett was imprisoned in the Tower on a charge of involvement in the Gun Powder Plot. In 1606 he was banished for life from England, however he returned to England in 1608 and he was arrested, imprisoned then taken to Tyburn, London, 23 June 1608 where he was Hanged, Drawn and Quartered.

Sir George Carew

1540 Sir George Carew was imprisoned in the Tower on 1st June for his implication in the Lisle conspiracy. 4th August 1540 he was taken to Tyburn in London and Hanged, Drawn and Quartered

Robert Rosenthal

Robert Rosenthal was arrested and held in the Guardroom at the Tower of London on June 5th 1915 on charges of being a German Spy. He was later transferred to Wandsworth Barracks and then onto to Wandsworth Prison where he was hanged on 15th July 1915.

Bishop of Bath and Wells, Gilbert Bourne

On 18th June 1560 Gilbert Bourne, Bishop of Bath and Wells, was imprisoned in the Tower of London for refusing the Oath of Supremacy to Queen Elizabeth. 5th September 1562 he was into the custody of Gregory Dodds, the Dean of Exeter

Chancery Court

Robert Manfield, Sir Jon Depeden, Sir John Bygot and Anthony Seint Quyntyn were imprisoned at the Tower of London on 28th June 1386 after an appearance at a Chancery Court on unnamed civil charges.

Andrew Amydey

Andrew Amydey was imprisoned at the Tower of London on 7th June 1345 for debts to the King. In March 1346 he was allowed 'decent chambers'

Karl Friedrich Muller

Karl Friedrich Muller, German spy, was condemned to death by firing squad and bought to the Tower on 22nd June 1915. Eight men from the Scots Guards made up the firing squad and executed Karl on 23rd June 1915. British Secret Service continued to send messages to the Germans posing as Karl,using his cypher, and receiving regular payments with which they bought a car with they named 'The Muller'.

Kaike Marinus Petrus Janssen

Haike Marinus Petrus Janssen Imprisoned in the Tower on 5th June 1915 as a German Spy with orders to be watched carefully. He was later removed to Wandsworth military detention camp on 10th June 1915 and found guilty on 16th July 1915 and condemned to death.

Colonel Aldfred D Wintel

June 1940 Col Wintel was imprisoned at the Tower pending a court martial for 'threatening a superior officer' after being denied permission to fly to France to try and rescue the remnants of the French Air Force .He was later proved innocent of the charges as the 'superior officer' was in fact a civilian who had been given an honorary rank during the emergency.

Sir Thomas Adams - prisoner

Sir Thomas Adams was imprisoned in the Tower of London on 16th June 1651 for his continuing support of the Royalist cause. He was later released and made a Baronet.

John Wiloughby - prisoner

On 26th June 1654 John Wiloughby was imprisoned in the Tower of London for sending a challenge to Sir William Famer. Wiloughby was to be held in the Tower until he apologised.

Countess of Douglas

Margaret Douglas the Countess of Lennox was held at the Tower of London on 20th June 1565 because her son had married Mary Queen of Scots,-countess-of-lennox

5 Unnamed Youths

29th June 5 unruly and unnamed youths were imprisoned in the Tower during a disturbance. On 24th July 1595 they were taken to Tower Hill and Hanged and bowled.

Edward Powell

10th June 1534 Edward Powell, a Chaplain to the King, was imprisoned in the Tower for refusing to acknowledge the Act of Supremacy for King Henry VIII. 30th July 1540 he was taken to Smithfield where he was Hanged Drawn and Quartered.

Marquis of Tullibardine William Murray

The Marquis of Tullibardine was the Commander in Chief of the Jacobite forces at the battle of Culloden. He was imprisoned in the Lieutenant's Lodgings in the Tower of London on 20th June 1746. He died whilst imprisoned on 9th July 1746 from a bladder infection and was buried to the west of the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula on 11th July 1746.

John MacKenzie, Baron McLeod

John MacKenzie was imprisoned in the Watergate Tower above Traitors Gate in the Tower of London on 20th June 1746 for his part in the Battle of Culloden. He was later moved to the King's House in the within the Tower of London and tried at Southwark Court on 28th November 1746, unfortunately the verdict was not recorded.

Sir Henry DeKeighley

Sir Henry DeKeighley was imprisoned on 5th June 1306 when the King learned he had presented the petition at the 1301 Lincoln parliament - demanding dismissal of Walter Langton from office of treasurer. Allowed to depart soon after, having taken an oath not to offend against the King or Crown.

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