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Prisoners at the Tower of London in September

A selection of prisoners who were held in the Tower of London during the month of September

Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk

Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk was imprisoned on 7th September 1571, accused of high treason for his involvement in the Ridolfi Plot. He was beheaded on 2nd June 1572 on Tower Hill and buried in the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincular.

King Richard II

King Richard II was an unpopular King with his subjects and was captured in August 1399 and taken to the Tower and held there until he Abdicated on 29th September 1399 in favour of Henry of Lancaster. He was then secretly taken to Leeds Castle in Kent and then onto to Pontefract where it is believed that he was murdered.

Sir Thomas Dingley

Sir Thomas Dingley was imprisoned in the Tower on 18th September 1537 for his implication in the Pilgrimage of Grace. He was beheaded on Tower Hill in July 1539.

Hugh Latimer Bishop of Winchester

Hugh Latimer was imprisoned in the Tower on 13th September 1553 for seditious demeanors. He was taken to Oxford and burned at the Stake for heresy in October 1555.

Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury - prisoner

Thomas Cranmer was imprisoned in the Tower on 14th September 1553 accused of high treason for declaring the marriage between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon annulled and making Princess Mary illegitimate. He was later burnt at the stake in Oxford for heresy in 1555.

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