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On This Day in January

A selection of events either directly or indirectly connected with the Tower which have happened during the month of January

Queen Catherine of Aragon

7th January 1536, Queen Catherine of Aragon, King Henry VIII's 1st wife dies at the age of 50.

Queen Elizabeth I - monarch

15th January 1559 - Elizabeth I crowned queen of England in Westminster Abbey

Earl Henry Howard - prisoner

19th January 1547 - Earl Henry Howard of Surrey executed for treason

Pope Clement VII

5th January 1531 - Pope Clemens VII forbids English king Henry VIII to re-marry

King Richard II - monarch

6th January 1367 - Richard II, Bordeaux, France, King of England

Robert Deveraux Earl of Essex - prisoner

7th January 1601 - Robert Deveraux Earl of Essex leads revolt in London against Queen Elizabeth

The Rump Parliament

6th January 1649 - The Rump Parliament votes to put Charles I on trial for treason and other "high crimes"

King Charles I

10th January 1642 - King Charles I & family flee London for Oxford

King Henry III and Eleanor of Provence

14th January 1236 - King Henry III marries Eleonora of Provence

Thomas Howard

16th January 1572 - Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk is tried for treason for his part in the Ridolfi plot to restore Catholicism in England.

King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

18th January 1486 - King Henry VII marries Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV

Queen Katherine Howard

21st January 1542 - Parliament passes bill of attainder against Queen Katherine Howard

Edward Seymour

22nd January 1552 - Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, beheaded for treason

King Edward III and Phillippa Henegouwen

24th January 1328 - King Edward III marries Philippa of Henegouwen

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