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Prisoners at the Tower of London in January

A selection of prisoners who were held in the Tower of London during the month of January

Sir John Lovett

Sir John Lovett was imprisoned in the Tower in January 1290 for failing to prevent Thomas de Weyland from making false entries in the records covering up his involvement in inciting his esquires to commit murder. Sir John was released in June 1290 and fined £1,000 which he was still paying off in 1293

Norman Braillie Stewert

Norman Braillie Stewert was an officer in the Seaforth Highlanders with strong German Sympathies. He was imprisoned in the Tower on 26th January 1933 accused under the Official Secrets Act of passing information to a German spy. He was sentenced to five years in prison and was released in 1938 where he relocated to Germany and took German citizenship. He worked for the German Government in the Propaganda Ministry and was captured at the end of WWII and sentenced to a further five years in prison where he was released in 1949.

John Gilbert Cunningham

John Gilbert Cunningham detonated a bomb in the White Tower on the 24th January 1885. He was caught as he tried to flee as all the gates had been closed after the alarm was sounded by the buglers. He was held within the Tower until the Police arrived. He was found guilty of detonating the bomb in the White Tower and also of a previous detonation which had taken place in the underground two years previously.

Edward Howard, Earl of Suffolk

The Earl of Suffolk was imprisoned in the Tower on 21st Janaury 1725 accused of granting protections in breach od standing orders for the House of Commons,, He was released 31st May 1725

Sir Charles Duncombe

Sir Charles Duncombe was a Barrister and a politician and was imprisoned on 25th January 1698 for falsely endorsing exchequer bills. He was discharged by the House of Lords on 15 March 1698 after the House of Commons refused to discuss the matter.

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