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Another new page on the website

Hi Everyone,


The latest is that I have added a new page to the website; this one is called 'Name that Prisoner'.  This page is about seeing if you had a relative as a 'guest' at the Tower of London.  If you wish to know fill out the form on the page and submit it.  Once I receive it I shall see if the name you have supplied is registered as one of the 'guests' at the Tower, the date they were admitted and the date they were released/executed and the reason for the stay.


I am unable to guarantee that the name I find is a relative, however if you are researching your genealogy  or family history then it may give you a line of enquiry to follow.  You don't have to be researching your family history to submit a request, you could just want to know for a bit of fun and for bragging rights ate parties!


I look forward to receiving your submissions.


Take care



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