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A quick up-date

Hi Everyone,


I do hope you are all keeping well.


I had a lovely e-mail from the secretary of the Canadian Women's Club Edmonton, I have pasted it below for you all to see:



"Dear Heather,


It is my pleasure to thank you, on behalf of the Women’s Canadian Club, for coming to our luncheon on September 24, 2013, and giving us a presentation on your life at the Tower of London. It was one of the most delightful, humorous, fascinating and informative presentation we have had, at least since I have been a member. (Our club is over a hundred year old). I feel sure that I speak for everyone when I say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


It was a pleasure meeting you and I will most certainly recommend you to any group who is looking for someone to entertain them.


With kindest regards.


Nance Smith. Secretary"


I wasn't expecting that so it was a lovely surprise to find it in my emails.


I have been checking my site visitors log and have to say a 'Big Thank You' once again as I now have had over FOURTEEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED visitors to my site - WOW!


I am giving a few private presentations over the next couple of weeks but don't forget that I will be at the St Albert Library on Monday 28th October from 1900hrs (7pm) until 2000hrs (8pm) giving a free presentation to children aged 9-13 all about our time at the Tower and more importantly, as it is Halloween, all about torture, ghosts, prisoners and executions!


On Wednesday 30th October I will be at the St Albert Library again for another free presentation, from 1900hrs(7pm) until 2030hrs (8.30pm) this time for the adults.  Details of registering for these presentations can be found on the St Albert library website, I have been asked to let you all know that you should register early to avoid disappointment as seats are being taken reserved quickly.


On Tuesday 29th October I am back giving a 'spooky' presentation to the girls of the Muir Lake Girl Guides, I am looking forward to it as the girls keep me on my toes with their questions!


Until next time,


Take care







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