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Updating the prisoner information

Hi Everyone,


Today I have been updating the prisoner information for the months throughout the year, and whilst I've been doing this I have noticed that a large amount of names seem to reoccur as prisoners, sometimes it's the same person on their second or third imprisonment within the Tower, others are direct descendants of those who have been imprisoned before, Seymour seems to be a popular family, along with the Howards. 


I've also found out that just because you are a member of the Yeoman Guard or a Lieutenant or Constable of the Tower doesn't mean that you are exempt from the Law of the Land.  I have come across a few Yeoman and a couple of Lieutenants and Constables who have been imprisoned in their own establishment.  One particular one which sticks in the mind is that of Sir Gervase Helwys who was a Lieutenant of the Tower who murdered one of the prisoners there by feeding them poison everyday until finally in the September 1615 the prisoner died.  Sir Gervase was hanged on Tower Hill. 


Don't forget if you want me to find out about your family name, if it has any connection with the Prisoners in the Tower drop me an email or fill out the form on the Name that prisoner page, and I will see what I can find and get back to you, however I cannot guarantee that the names I find will be relatives of yours only that they share your name.


Take care



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