My Life at the Tower of London - Living with thousands of visitors in your front yard every day

Heather Miller was born in 1968 and raised in the United Kingdom.  She is married to Robin Miller and they have a daughter, Marnie Miller, a son in-law, Aaron Parsall-Myler and four manic Spaniels and a very confused chocolate Labrador called Bailey Boo, who thinks she is a spaniel! 
My husband, Robin, on parade at the Change of Command PPLCI 
My husband, Robin, on an Op Tour
In 2005, having lived all over Europe, the family went to live in Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, The Tower of London, after Rob was honoured for his 22 years Colour Service in the British army and made a Yeoman of the Guard (Beefeater). Living in London was very handy for Heather as the time she was working in Whitehall (Government) and so it was a short commute each day of only three miles, or seven stops on the underground.
In April 2007 saw the family (Robin, Heather, Marnie and two mad spaniels; Stilton and Branston) emigrate to the East Coast of Canada, for Robin to retire and enjoy the civilian life and for Heather to start a new career as a Para Legal/Legal Secretary.  However, civilian life wasn't what Robin thought it would be (no one to shout at) and so Robin took a Commission in the Canadian Army where he is still serving and has now notched up 12 Operational Combat Tours; Heather promptly volunteered to give retirement a go and so at the ripe old age of 39 left work and acquired two more mad spaniels (Parsley and Mustard).   In April 2011 Robin was WIA whilst six months in to a nine month tour of Afghanistan and sent home to recover where Heather decided that the best way for him to recover from his injuries was to put him to work and paint the house (inside and out).  November 2011 saw the whole family move out to Alberta where Robin had re-joined his Regiment in Edmonton.  The whole family now live in Alberta on an acreage and share their space with the local wildlife which includes a rough grouse named Gerri, an irate squirrel named Nutkin, a buck named Goofy and a doe named Shirley.
Heather has many qualifications including, but not limited to, two BSc(Hons)(in Evolution, Marine Biology, Environmental Health, Human Biology and Health, Emergency Management, Animal Behaviour, Geology) HND and BTech in Business Administration, several Diplomas in Computing, Animal Behaviour, Para Legal, as well as A and O Levels which she has used throughout her 20 year career with the British Government.  Heather has enjoyed giving her time to voluntary organisations such as the RSPCA (Honorary Secretary), Royal British Legion, Royal Canadian Legion (she was secretary and then President of a Branch in Cape Breton), SPCA, and OES to name but a few.  She first began Public Speaking whilst at college and has enjoyed doing so ever since to all size and age groups.  Heather is a member of Stony Plain Chamber of Commerce.
Our front yard on our acreage in Alberta